Lost then Found


I was lost in my career options. I had just finished my last year of community college, and came back to Central to meet with a counselor to discuss my options of a major. But I still felt uneasy in what I wanted to do and become.

Already I was into reading and writing and found that to be one of my stronger suites all through high school. However, I knew English or teaching weren’t going to be my niche, because I guess I wasn’t blessed with patience. So, my advisor suggested that I take a few PR classes just to start off with in my first quarter. Turns out they were exactly what I was looking for.


Feeling surprised that I hadn’t heard of this major until I was informed by my advisor. Many students have the idea that they’re study must fit into the specific check box of that major. However, that wasn’t exactly my case from the start. Not only was the PR an opportunity to grow in, but so was the students and professors that have inspired me to follow this profession.


PR isn’t an easy major. I’m always finding myself learning something different in each of my classes. It is definitely a major that you’re going to almost always communicate with someone. That maybe another student or even a company that you must represent. And that is something that I really look forward to when I come into class. The students in this major are professional about what they need to do and how they do it. It makes it easier to want to learn and be on the same page as everyone.


I not only depend on the students around me, but the professors as well. The requirements for this course are relatable to real life, and they do well in making it easy to understand. When I think of this major or any other major you want to have the right professors for it. It wouldn’t be an enjoyable major or class if the professor wasn’t relatable. They make it possible to succeed in PR. They want to apply it to real life so you know what to expect after graduation.


I was lost in what I wanted to do. Now that I look back on it, it was ok to not know. Not knowing gave me the opportunity to try something that I’ve never heard of. I can now use my skills. And I have found my niche.



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