The Art of Awareness


The first Friday, art walk at the Clymer Museum showcased a few art pieces done by students part of the art department, and were specifically created to represent mental health awareness. Many people were there to support the work as well as enjoyed some music and wine. EBURGspeaks is working with the Campaign to Change Direction to bring awareness to mental health issues in Ellensburg and Central Washington University.

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Two of the art works represented in the Clymer Museum were created by two different students at CWU. One of the pieces was a painting of a child and a women, the other, an elk and a wolf. Both representing an issue that many have with mental health issues.The event also had two on sight artist, either painting or drawing with a raffle included to win those pieces.

The event was a great incorporation of the first Friday and Eburgspeaks, because it brought together the Ellensburg community to see and maybe understand how the people have put together these events in the past weekend. And gave people the opportunity to express their hopes.

Mental health awareness is something important to be aware of, and the Bateman team at Central Washington University team did a great job in putting together the several events that went on during the week to inform, but also give a chance for people to speak out about mental health and their experiences with it.


I personally enjoyed seeing this as an opportunity to address the real problems that people maybe going through. A lot of these issues are covered up or stigmatized for a person, and I see that there aren’t a lot of chances to express issues like this. By confronting these issue, we can understand and help more.


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