California’s Water Drought. Is it Managed well?


Over several years of hearing Global Warming, and how it is effecting our world. It is considerably believable knowing where California stands with its famous drought. Water is obviously an essential in our everyday lives. However, it is becoming a scarce resource that we may be fighting for in the future.

Living in the Pacific Northwest you would see water almost everyday. In fact, 155 days it rains in Washington. Unlike California, there has been a drought for almost three years (starting in 2014) which has just been lifted recently. It was considered an”Exceptional Drought” meaning extremely dry and the most severe level. People are not being frivolous enough with water management. California in this case…


This last January we have experienced a big winter, which means a larger impact on the farms that produce crops and fresh water. Farming accounts for 70% of global fresh water use. to produce 1kg of wheat, it requires 1,250 liters of water according to the Economist. As of mentioning California, it has received most of its water from the large snowfall that we have seen in 2017. With this heavy snow and rain, they have lifted the exceptional drought and in effect have been experiencing flash flooding, thunderstorms in southern California. With all this water, they are experiencing a problem with water-management. As of a PR stand point California was and is doing a well job at conserving their water. Many homes are taking their part of the water problem by conserving and even holding out to water their lawns all year round in hopes to help in some aspect.

California grows a lot of its crops that need to be watered almost all year round, like the almond. To support their crops, many of the farmers will suck water from rivers and streams when surface water is not enough, but this is affecting the aquatic life in these habitats. Recycling waste water is another problem for Californians,treated  waste water is released into the ocean and is estimated of about 4 million acre-feet is gone. This waste water can be potable for people and can be re-used. Recycling this water can save help the individuals of California as well as help the habitat.

While it is raining in California now, they could be conserving this rain water by using it as potable water. Instead of having it running into the sea. Several towns are now creating drains to capture the rain water and are now using it for residential water needs. California maybe done with the drought, but to conserve themselves from re-creating another water crisis they must ensure their state recycles and conserve the water amount they use.


Before you decide to take that twenty minute shower, or keeping the sprinkler on for several hours, consider and manage how much water you waste in a day. The problems with water in communities like California can be done by doing the little things. Even if you aren’t in a drought it can help your community.


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