Why Flying Sucks…For Some

The whole process of flying is a disaster in itself they need to repeat themselves over twenty times of what is acceptable and not acceptable to bring on a plane. Oh and don’t forget, your luggage must be under fifty pounds or you have to pay a fee, well then let me just sit in front of a line of strangers here for ten minutes while I go through my luggage and re-arrange a few clothes so that it could possibly be lighter when you weigh it a second time. And yes this has happened to me in SeaTac airport, I did not want to pay an extra fee.


Flying was once a piece of cake. I certainly wasn’t alive at this time, but I was well aware of the difference. Saying goodbye to someone at their gate was normal and security checks were not as intense as you would say. TSA employees were nicer, greeting you with a smile and a safe flight. Now anyone would get a pat down if you smirked.


It’s not to say flying can be stressful and more of an annoyance, many of the accessories that made flying wonderful have now been cut. Thanks to the budget cuts there are no dinners, baggage rights, control of security lines and over-crowded flights. However, flights are cheaper than they ever were. They want people to be intrigued into buying a $100 round trip air fare to Vegas. It’s cheap enough, reliable and most likely to arrive on time. Nevertheless, you aren’t going to receive the best treatment.

What is the good treatment? It certainly isn’t a $100 ticket. It’s the people who were asked to board first, you know, the people who you shuffled by on your way to the back of the plane. Yes, that’s right, first class. They experience somewhat of what the old days of flying used to be.


While funding for Airlines are cutting back, they are racking up the prices for first class and people are buying it. They are buying the doubled if not tripled ticket for first class only to not want to suffer the flying process

Air Travel is exhausting it’s stressful yet satisfying when finally making your destination; determined on how you want to make it, someone can spend the extra for first class and have the lavish experience. For me, I’m still holding out for my free pretzels.


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