The Art of Awareness


The first Friday, art walk at the Clymer Museum showcased a few art pieces done by students part of the art department, and were specifically created to represent mental health awareness. Many people were there to support the work as well as enjoyed some music and wine. EBURGspeaks is working with the Campaign to Change Direction to bring awareness to mental health issues in Ellensburg and Central Washington University.

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Two of the art works represented in the Clymer Museum were created by two different students at CWU. One of the pieces was a painting of a child and a women, the other, an elk and a wolf. Both representing an issue that many have with mental health issues.The event also had two on sight artist, either painting or drawing with a raffle included to win those pieces.

The event was a great incorporation of the first Friday and Eburgspeaks, because it brought together the Ellensburg community to see and maybe understand how the people have put together these events in the past weekend. And gave people the opportunity to express their hopes.

Mental health awareness is something important to be aware of, and the Bateman team at Central Washington University team did a great job in putting together the several events that went on during the week to inform, but also give a chance for people to speak out about mental health and their experiences with it.


I personally enjoyed seeing this as an opportunity to address the real problems that people maybe going through. A lot of these issues are covered up or stigmatized for a person, and I see that there aren’t a lot of chances to express issues like this. By confronting these issue, we can understand and help more.

Is Doug Adler’s Lawsuit even Worth it?


Earlier this year on Jan. 18, a comment was made by ESPN announcer Doug Adler to one of the most popular tennis stars, Venus Williams. During one of her matches Adler apparently made a remark describing Williams using “the guerrilla effect” New York Times used this as a leverage and posted it on Twitter. Many found it rude and appalling that he would use that for his word choice. Two days later they fired him. On Monday, Adler made the decision to sue ESPN Network because he believed he was using a well known term, thinking ESPN has ruined his career.

“By the way ESPN chose to handle this non-issue, they effectively branded me, my character and my reputation for the rest of my life,” Adler told Alike Justine Sacco, Adler made a remark that would haunt him for the rest of his career. Adler meant to use “guerrilla” tactics than to what people believed he meant to compare her to as a “gorilla”. He apologized, but was still let go.


Digital is eternal in this situation, after realizing this would follow him for the rest of his life. Bad news always finds its way into the media and it did. Many of the viewers called in and complained that they wanted Adler let go from his offensive word choice that he described in Venus’s match between. Being branded now as racist and losing other opportunities with television. He is now at his ends and is suing ESPN for “emotional distress.”


The lawsuit against ESPN states that it was an obvious term that Adler was familiar with. The term,”Guerilla effect” was a Nike TV ad from the 1990s featuring Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. It was a commercial that he had seen many times and figures that individuals that follow tennis closely they would have understood the phrase.

Adler did make a great “word choice” mistake in describing Williams. He may have to suffer through a great deal to get back to where he was in his career, but is it all worth to relive the pain in suing the network, when it might be okay to just walk away from this crisis? Adler may have a chance in the lawsuit. Specifically in which the term was being mentioned several times in an early 90’s commercial, Adler may have an advantage, but will have a difficult way in convincing the media, especially the people who dont follow the tennis lingo.

California’s Water Drought. Is it Managed well?


Over several years of hearing Global Warming, and how it is effecting our world. It is considerably believable knowing where California stands with its famous drought. Water is obviously an essential in our everyday lives. However, it is becoming a scarce resource that we may be fighting for in the future.

Living in the Pacific Northwest you would see water almost everyday. In fact, 155 days it rains in Washington. Unlike California, there has been a drought for almost three years (starting in 2014) which has just been lifted recently. It was considered an”Exceptional Drought” meaning extremely dry and the most severe level. People are not being frivolous enough with water management. California in this case…


This last January we have experienced a big winter, which means a larger impact on the farms that produce crops and fresh water. Farming accounts for 70% of global fresh water use. to produce 1kg of wheat, it requires 1,250 liters of water according to the Economist. As of mentioning California, it has received most of its water from the large snowfall that we have seen in 2017. With this heavy snow and rain, they have lifted the exceptional drought and in effect have been experiencing flash flooding, thunderstorms in southern California. With all this water, they are experiencing a problem with water-management. As of a PR stand point California was and is doing a well job at conserving their water. Many homes are taking their part of the water problem by conserving and even holding out to water their lawns all year round in hopes to help in some aspect.

California grows a lot of its crops that need to be watered almost all year round, like the almond. To support their crops, many of the farmers will suck water from rivers and streams when surface water is not enough, but this is affecting the aquatic life in these habitats. Recycling waste water is another problem for Californians,treated  waste water is released into the ocean and is estimated of about 4 million acre-feet is gone. This waste water can be potable for people and can be re-used. Recycling this water can save help the individuals of California as well as help the habitat.

While it is raining in California now, they could be conserving this rain water by using it as potable water. Instead of having it running into the sea. Several towns are now creating drains to capture the rain water and are now using it for residential water needs. California maybe done with the drought, but to conserve themselves from re-creating another water crisis they must ensure their state recycles and conserve the water amount they use.


Before you decide to take that twenty minute shower, or keeping the sprinkler on for several hours, consider and manage how much water you waste in a day. The problems with water in communities like California can be done by doing the little things. Even if you aren’t in a drought it can help your community.

Why Flying Sucks…For Some

The whole process of flying is a disaster in itself they need to repeat themselves over twenty times of what is acceptable and not acceptable to bring on a plane. Oh and don’t forget, your luggage must be under fifty pounds or you have to pay a fee, well then let me just sit in front of a line of strangers here for ten minutes while I go through my luggage and re-arrange a few clothes so that it could possibly be lighter when you weigh it a second time. And yes this has happened to me in SeaTac airport, I did not want to pay an extra fee.


Flying was once a piece of cake. I certainly wasn’t alive at this time, but I was well aware of the difference. Saying goodbye to someone at their gate was normal and security checks were not as intense as you would say. TSA employees were nicer, greeting you with a smile and a safe flight. Now anyone would get a pat down if you smirked.


It’s not to say flying can be stressful and more of an annoyance, many of the accessories that made flying wonderful have now been cut. Thanks to the budget cuts there are no dinners, baggage rights, control of security lines and over-crowded flights. However, flights are cheaper than they ever were. They want people to be intrigued into buying a $100 round trip air fare to Vegas. It’s cheap enough, reliable and most likely to arrive on time. Nevertheless, you aren’t going to receive the best treatment.

What is the good treatment? It certainly isn’t a $100 ticket. It’s the people who were asked to board first, you know, the people who you shuffled by on your way to the back of the plane. Yes, that’s right, first class. They experience somewhat of what the old days of flying used to be.


While funding for Airlines are cutting back, they are racking up the prices for first class and people are buying it. They are buying the doubled if not tripled ticket for first class only to not want to suffer the flying process

Air Travel is exhausting it’s stressful yet satisfying when finally making your destination; determined on how you want to make it, someone can spend the extra for first class and have the lavish experience. For me, I’m still holding out for my free pretzels.